We Believe All Of These Objections Can Be Satisfied.

1. BBC Three Brand Is Not Commercial

BBC America, BBC Top Gear and the Radio Times are all examples of BBC properties that operate in a commercial space.

2. Content Rights To Existing BBC Three Shows Will Be Problematic

Similar rights issues exist with BBC in-house becoming commercial as well as with shows appearing online and in the BBC Store. All these issues can be resolved via cooperation.

3. The EPG Slot Will Be Used For BBC One +1

Investment in new shows and talent is a better use of the EPG slot than a +1 catch up service, especially when BBC iPlayer already covers that market so well.

The Following Letters Have Been Exchanged Between Avalon/Hat Trick And The BBC

17 Feb 2015 | Avalon / Hat Trick - BBC3 An Alternative Strategy - Realising Value For The Licence Payer Proposal

25 Feb 2015 | Danny Cohen Response to Proposal

3 March 2015 | Avalon / Hat Trick Response to Danny Cohen