Dear Rona Fairhead and Tony Hall,

We, the undersigned, wish to register our dismay at the BBC's proposals to close BBC3 as a channel available to all and its planned reduction to a service only available online. Disastrously the closure and move online will remove at a stroke a vitally important outlet for new talent and innovative ideas, where some of the most successful and influential names currently working in British television were given their first chance.

BBC3 has cost the licence fee payer over £1 billion over the last 10 years. Closure will write-off this investment, which would be unthinkable in a commercial environment. The BBC management proposes to use this valuable slot as a catch-up channel for BBC One, putting it in direct competition with the world's best catch-up service, the iPlayer, on which the BBC has also spent millions of pounds.

The BBC has a duty of care to develop new talent and cater to all audiences. Currently, less than 1% of the BBC budget is spent on programming for the 16 - 24 age group. The management is now proposing to reduce this to under 0.6%. To disenfranchise the young viewer and pull back from the funding of new ideas and new talent risks endangering the engagement of future generations with the BBC. The effect of this reduction will probably lead to a similar reduction by commercial broadcasters which no longer need to compete, with the consequence that the audience of the future will no longer include television as one of its major sources of entertainment.

We call upon the BBC to immediately reinstate the funding to the channel and halt its plans for closure. We believe it is vital that the BBC's future should include more than tokenistic funding for a young, diverse audience and for new talent. We are facing a tipping point for British broadcasting. Either the BBC can continue to cater predominantly for an increasingly elderly audience or it can take the lead and safeguard its position as a beloved and relevant public broadcaster by investing in the talent and the audiences who are the building blocks of the future. Safeguarding the future of BBC3 as it currently exists is the key to this.

Yours sincerely,

On Screen Talent

Adam Drake Comedian, Writer and Actor
Adam Godley Actor - "Homeland", "Breaking Bad",
Adam Hess Comedian, Writer
Ade Oyefeso Actor - BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2013 "Youngers" (E4), "Misfits" (E4), "Silk" (BBC1)
Adelayo Adedayo Actor - "Some Girls" (BBC3)
Adrian Lester Actor, Director, Writer - Star of "Hustle" (BBC1)
Ahir Shah Comedian, Actor
Aidan Turner Actor, Star of 'Poldark' (BBC1)
Al Murray Comedian, Actor, Presenter - "The Pub Landlord", "Time Gentleman, Please" (SKY)
Alastair McGowan Comedian, Impressionist, Actor, Writer - "The Big Impression" (BBC1 BAFTA-winner), "The One Show" (BBC1)
Alex Horne Comedian - "Three at the Fringe" (BBC3), "Live at the Electric" (BBC3)
Alex Jordan-Mills Actor
Alex Reece Actor
Alex Smith Comedian - "Live at the Electric" (BBC3)
Alexa Morden Actor - "Skins" (C4), "Fresh Meat" (C4), "The Rise of the Krays" (feature film)
Alexandra Roach Actor - "Utopia" (E4)
Alfred Hoffman Actor
Ali Bastian Actor - "Hollyoaks" (C4), "The Bill" (ITV)
Alice Felgate Actor - "Some Girls" (BBC3), "You, Me and Them" (Gold)
Alice Merivale Actor
Alice Sykes Actor, "Criminal Justice" (BBC), "Vera" (ITV)
Alisa Joy Actor
Alison Steadman Actor, "Gavin & Stacey"
Alys Metcalf Actor
Amanda Donahoe Actor - "Toast of London" (C4), "Emmerdale" (ITV)
Amanda Reed Actor - "The History Boys" (West End)
Amelia Zadarnowski Actor
Amir El-Masry Actor, "Tyrant" (FX), "The Night Manager" (AMC)
Ana Maria Maskell Actor
Anabel Barnston Actor, Writer, Radio Presenter
Andrew Gower Actor - "The Village" (BBC1)
Andrew McDonald Actor
Andy Samberg US Actor, Comedian, Writer, Singer, Producer - "The Lonely Island", "Saturday Night Live" (NBC), "Cuckoo" (BBC3), "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (FOX - Won Goldon Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy)
Andy Zaltzman Political Comedian, Writer - "The Bugle", "8 Out of 10 Cats" (C4), "Newsnight" (BBC2)
Anna Morris Comedian, Writer and Actor
Anna Woolhouse Broadcast Journalist, Presenter - Sky Sports
Anneka Harry Actor, "Bad Bridesmaid" (ITV2)
Arnold Oceng Actor - "Adulthood" (feature film), "Top Boy" (C4), "The Good Lie" (feature film)
Ava Vidal Comedian
Ayesha Casely-Hayford Actor - "Cracks" (short), "Waiting Room" (short)
Barry Ferns Comedian, Writer, Director and Actor
Ben Ashton Actor
Ben Fox Actor
Ben Miller Comedian, Actor and Director - BAFTA award winner for "The Armstrong and Miller Show"
Ben Willbond Comedian, Writer, Producer - "Horrible Histories" (CBBC), "BILL" (Feature Film), "Yonderland" (Sky1) "The Thick of It" (BBC2), "Inside No 9" (BBC2)
Benjamin McMillan Actor
Benjamin South Actor
Brenda Dempsey Comedian/Actor/Writer - "Moone Boy" (Sky One), "In and Out of the Kitchen" (BBC4)
Brenda Gilhooly Writer, Actor and Comedian
Cameron Harris Actor
Carl Donnelly Comedian - "Russell Howard's Good News" (BBC3), "Mock the Week" (BBC2)
Carl Hutchinson Comedian
Charlotte McKinney Actor
Charlotte Peters Actor, Model and Writer
Charlotte Ritchie Actor - "Siblings" (BBC3), "Fresh Meat" (C4), "Call the Midwife" (BBC1)
Charlotte Sparey Actor
Chris Addison Comedian, Actor, Writer, Director - "The Thick of It" (BBC2), "In the Loop" (Feature Film), "Trying Again" (Sky Living) "Veep" (HBO)
Chris Martin Stand up comedian and Writer
Chris Ramsay Comedian, Actor - "Hebburn" (BBC2), "Sweat the Small Stuff" (BBC3)
Chris Waller Actor
Christine Bottomley Actor - "The Arbor", "In the Club" (BBC1)
Christopher Parker Actor and Presenter - "Eastenders" (BBC1), "Hotel Babylon" (BBC1)
Claudia Grant Actor
Corrine Wicks Actor
Cory Peterson Actor
Craig Parkinson Actor - "Indian Summers" (CH4)
Dai Tabuchi Actor
Daisy Haggard Actor "Ballot Monkeys" (Ch4)
Damian Kell Actor/Writer
Dan Atkinson Comedian, Writer, Producer - "Russell Howard's Good News" (BBC3), "Live at the Electric" (BBC3)
Dani Moseley Actor - "Doctors" (BBC), "The Bill" (ITV), "The Runaway" (SKY)
Daniel Ings Actor - "Uncle" (BBC3)
Daniel Radcliffe Actor - Star of "Harry Potter"
Daniel Sharman Actor - "Immortals" (Universal)
Danny Webb Actor
Darren Evans Actor - "My Mad Fat Diary" (E4), "Galavant" ABC, "Submarine" (feature film)
Dave Berry TV Presenter
Dave Gorman Comedian, Writer - "Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish" (DAVE)
David Anderson Actor
David Menkin Actor and Voiceover Artist
Davood Ghadami Actor - "Eastenders"
Debbie Kurup Actor
Denise Kennedy Actor - "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" (BBC3), "Scott & Bailey" (ITV)
Derek Riddell Actor - "Ugly Betty" (Ch4), "Silent Witness" (BBC1), "The Village" BBC1
Dickon Gough Actor
Dr James Logan Scientist, TV Presenter - "Embarassing Bodies" (C4), "Live from the Clinic" (C4), Insect Dissection (BBC)
Dr Linda Papadopoulos TV Psychologist - "My Naked Secret" (TLC), "The One Show" (BBC1), "This Morning" (ITV)
Ed Eales-White Comedian, Actor - "Siblings" (BBC3), "Drifters" (C4)
Ed Gamble Comedian, Writer, Actor - "Almost Royal" (BBC America/E4), "Dave's One Night Stand" (Dave), "Virtually Famous" (E4
Ed Stewart- Day Comedian
Edward Halsted Actor
Elaine Cassidy Actor - "The Paradise" (BBC1)
Eleanor Chaganis Actor
Eline Powell Actor - "Quartet" (feature film)
Elizabeth Hume-Dawson Actor
Ellie Taylor Comedian and TV Presenter - "Snog Marry Avoid" (BBC3), "Sweat the Small Stuff" (BBC3)
Esther Smith Actor - "Uncle" (BBC3), "Cuckoo" (BBC3), "Cockroaches" (ITV2), "Ballot Monkeys" (C4)
Eugenia Low Actor
Eva Magyar Actor
Ewan Bailey Actor- "Funland" (BBC3)
Fady Elsayed Actor
Fern Britton TV Presenter
Francesca Mango Actor
Fred MacAulay Comedian
Gaby Roslin TV Presenter
Gareth Richards Comedian - "Russell Howard's Good News" (BBC3), "Live at the Electric" (BBC3)
Gary Davis Actor
Gavin Inskip BBC3 Continuity Announcer until 2013
Genevieve Lemon Actor - "Top of the Lake" (BBC2)
George Johnston Actor
Georgie Ainslie Presenter - "Fighting Talk" (BBC 5 Live), "Crowd Goes Wild" (Fox Sport 1), "A League of their Own" (Sky 1)
Georgina Campbell Actor - Won Best Actor BAFTA for "Murdered by my Boyfriend" (BBC3)
Glenn Moore Comedian, Writer
Grainne Maguire Comedian, Comedy Writer and Actor - "Stewart Lee's Alternative Comedy Experience" (Comedy Central)
Greg Davies Comedian, Writer - "Man Down" (C4), "Cuckoo" (BBC3), "The Inbetweeners" (C4)
Greg McHugh Actor, Writer - "Gary: Tank Commander" (BBC1), "Fresh Meat" (BBC2)
Hannah Murray Actor - "Skins" (C4), "Game of Thrones" (HBO)
Hannah Rae Actor
Haruke Abe Actor
Hasan Dixon Actor - "War House" (West End), "Call The Midwife" (BBC), "Silent Witness" (BBC)
Hayley Ellis Comedian, Writer
Helen Colley Actor
Helen Russell-Clark Actor - "Coming Up" (C4), "Hollyoaks" (C4)
Helena Raeburn Actor/Singer
Heydon Prowse Actor and Writer "The Revolution Will Be Televised"
Imelda Staunton Film, Stage and Television Actor and multi-Olivier and BAFTA award winner - star of films including "Harry Potter", "Pride", "Vera Drake", "Shakespeare in Love"
Jack Barry Comedian
Jack Whitehall Comedian and Actor - "Bad Education" (BBC3), "Fresh Meat" (C4), "Backchat" (BBC3/2)
Jackie Dixon Stylist, Photographer, Blogger - "Show Me Your Wardrobe" (Sky Living)
Jadie Rose Hobson Actor
Jaime Winstone Actor - "Kidulthood" (Featue Fim), "Cockroaches" (ITV2), "Mad Dogs" (Sky One), "Made in Dagenham" (feature film)
Jamal Hadjkura Actor - "Crims" (BBC3)
James Allenby Kirk Actor and Comedy Writer
James Alper Actor
James El-Sharawy Actor
James Nesbitt Multi-award winning - "The Missing" (BBC1), "The Hobbit" (Feature Film Trilogy) "Babylon" (C4)
James Phoon Actor
Jamie Demetriou Comedian
Janet Fullerlove Actor
Janet Greaves Actor
Jassa Ahluwalia Actor - "Some Girls" (BBC3), "Generation Z" (Feature Film), "Ripper Street" (BBC1)
Jean Leppard Actor
Jenny Eclair Comedian, Writer, Actor - "Grumpy Old Women", "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" (ITV)
Jessica Fostekew Stand-up Comedian, Writer and Actor
Jessica Martin Actor
Jimmy Johnston Actor
Jo Elvin Editor (Glamour Magazine), TV Personality - "Great British Hairdresser" (E4)
Joan Blackham Actor
Joanna Page Actor - Star of "Gavin and Stacey" (BBC3)
Joe Dunlop Actor/Writer
Johanne Murdock Actor
John O'Mahony Actor, "Ideal" (BBC3), "Moone Boy" (Sky1), "Benidorm" (ITV)
John Thomson Comedian and Actor
Johnny Vegas Actor, "Ideal" (BBC3), "Moone Boy" (Sky1), "Benidorm" (ITV)
Joivan Wade Actor/Writer
Jolyon Rubinstein Actor, Writer, Producer and Director - "The Revolution Will Be Televised" (BBC3)
Jon Richardson Comedian - "8 Out Of 10 Cats" (C4)
Jonathan Howard Actor
Jonathan Hyde Actor - "The Strain" (FX) "Spooks" (BBC1), "Titanic" (Feature Film)
Jonathan Kydd Actor
Jonathan Whittaker Actor and Venue Manager of an Everyman Cinema
Jonny Lennard Comedian
Jonny Sweet Actor, Comedian - "Babylon" (C4), "Chickens" (Sky 1)
Josh Casswell Actor
Joshua Oakes-Rogers Actor
Judy Lester Actor
Julian Deane Comedian, Writer
Julie Teal Actor
Junade Khan Actor
Karen Gillan Actor - "Doctor Who" (BBC1), "Guardians of the Galaxy" (feature film)
Karen Taylor BAFTA winning Comedian, "Touch Me I'm Karen Taylor" (BBC3)
Karla Chrome Writer and Actor - "Murder" (BBC2), "Misfits" (C4), "Prisoners' Wives" (Tiger Aspect), "Hit and Miss" (Sky Atlantic)
Kassius Nelson Actor
Kate Staddon Actor
Katherine Ryan Comedian, actor and writer - "Sweat the Small Stuff" (BBC3), "8 Out Of 10 Cats" (C4), "Mock The Week" (BBC2)
Katie Mulgrew Comedian - "The Dog Ate My Homework" (CBBC)
Keeley Hawes Actor - "Line of Duty" (BBC2), "Ashes to Ashes" (BBC1)
Kerry Shale Actor
Kevin Quinn Actor
Kieran Boyd Comedian
Ladi Emeruwa Actor
Laura Kirman Actor
Lee Ross Actor - "Southcliffe" (CH4)
Leila Hoffman Actor
Lena Headey Actor - "Game of Thrones" (HBO - Emmy nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress), "300" (Feature Film)
Lesley Sharp Actor - "Moving On" (BBC), "Red Riding" (C4)
Letty Butler Actor /Comedian
Lewis Reeves Actor - "Misfits" (CH4)
Libertie Kiing Actor
Livi Sloyan Actor
Lizzie Stables Actor - "Inbetweeners" (E4), "Miranda" (BBC1)
Lois Deeny Actor
Lolly Adefope Comedian/Actor
Louise Donald Voiceover Artist
Louise Hulland Journalist, Documentary Maker and Presenter - "Watchdog" (BBC1)
Lucy Beaumont Comedian, Actor, Writer - "Live at the Electric" (BBC3)
Lucy Grattan Actor
Luke McQueen Comedian
Luke Newberry Actor - "In The Flesh" (BBC3), "Cucumber" (E4), "Banana" (E4)
Luke Roskell Actor - "Emmerdale", "Moving On"
Mabel Clements Actor
Maeve O'Sullivan Actor and musician
Mandeep Dhillon Actor - "Some Girls" (BBC3), "The Revolution Will Be Televised" (BBC3)
Manpreet Bachu Actor
Margaret Jackman Actor - "Control" (feature film), "Scott & Bailey" (ITV)
Mark Brown Musician - "The Horne Section"
Mark Rush Actor
Mark Smith Comedian - "Russell Howard's Good News" (BBC3), "Nick Helm's Heavy Entertainment" (BBC3)
Martin Dickinson Actor
Martine Knight Actor
Mathew Horne Actor - "Gavin & Stacey" (BBC3), "Horne & Corden" (BBC3), "Bad Education" (BBC3)
Matt Smith Actor - "Doctor Who" (BBC1), "Lost River" (feaure film), "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies" (feature film)
Matt Winning Comedian
Matthew McGreevy Actor/Presenter
Matthew Skillington Comedy group 'Seldom Differ'
Max Wilson Actor
Maxine Peake Actor - "Silk" (BBC1), "The Village" (BBC1)
Michael Klesic Actor
Michael Lapham Actor
Michael Rees Actor
Mike Noble Actor - "Mr Selfridge" (ITV)
Mimi Ferrer Actor
Modupe Adeyeye Actor, "Hollyoaks" (Ch4)
Mona Yousefi Actor and Writer - "The Revolution Will Be Televised" (BBC3), "Coming Up" (C4)
Montserrat Lombard Actor, "A Touch of Cloth" (Sky)
Nadine Mulkerrin Actor, "Hollyoaks" (C4)
Natasha Jonas Actor - "Some Girls" (BBC3)
Nathan Armarkwei Actor
Nathan Hamilton Actor
Neil Stuke Actor - "Silk" (BBC), "Game On" (BBC2)
Nick Helm Comedian, Actor, Musician - "Uncle" (BBC3) "Nick Helm's Heavy Entertainment" (BBC3)
Nick Malinowski Actor, "Doctor Who" (BBC)
Nigel Barber Actor
Nikita Mehta Actor
Noa Bodner Actor/Musician
Noel Fielding Comedian, Actor, Artists and Musician - Co-creator of "The Mighty Boosh" (BBC3), "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" (BBC2), "Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy" (C4)
Norma Atallah Actor, "Eastenders" (BBC1), "Mamma Mia" (Feature)
Oliver Malam Actor
Olivia Colman BAFTA, RTS and SundanceFilm Festival Jury Prize-winning Actor - "Peep Show" (C4), "The Iron Lady" (Feature Film), "Twenty Twelve" (BBC2), "Broadchurch" (ITV)
Omar Khan Actor and Writer
Owen Findlay Actor/Musician/Writer
Ozzie Yue Actor/Musician
Pádraig Lynch Actor
Pascale Wilson Writer/Performer - "Shirley & Shirley"
Paul Clayton Actor - "Peep Show" (C4), "Him & Her" (BBC3)
Paul Kemp Actor
Peter Craze Actor and theatre director
Peter Dukes Actor
Peter Mair Actor
Peter Mooney Actor/Musician
Phil Wang Comedian, Writer, Actor - "Top Coppers" (BBC3), "The John Bishop Show" (BBC1)
Pippa Bennett-Warner Actor
Pollyanna Woodward TV Presenter - "The Gadget Show" (C5), "Splash!" (ITV), "This Morning" (ITV)
Poppy Corby-Tuech Actor
Rachel Parris Musical Comedian, Actor, Improviser and Presenter
Ranjit Krishnamma Actor, "Casualty" (BBC1)
Rebecca Durbin Actor
Rebecca Gilliland Actor
Rhodri Miles Actor, "Game of Thrones" (Sky), "Torchwood" (BBC3)
Ric Bacon Actor, "Cuckoo"(BBC3)
Richard E Grant Actor - "Jekyll and Hyde" (ITV - Currently filming, "Withnail and I" (Feature Film)
Richard Emerson Actor
Richard Graham Actor - "Vera Drake" (Feature Film), "Gangs of New York" (Feature Film)
Richard Hardisty Comedian /Writer/Performer
Richard Herring Comedian, Writer - "Have I Got News For You" (BBC1), "Set List" (Sky Atlantic)
Rikki Chamberlain Actor
Rob Auton Comedian, Writer, Actor, Poet
Rob Brydon Actor, Comedian, Radio and TV Presenter - "Gavin & Stacey" (BBC3), "The Trip" (BBC2), "Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive" (BBC3)
Rob Delaney Comedian, Writer - "Catastrophe" (C4)
Robert Maskell Actor
Roberto Cavazos Actor, "Doctor Who" (BBC)
Robin Morgan Comedian
Robyn Moore Actor /Director/ Acting Teacher
Roisin Conaty Comedian, Actor, Writer - "Man Down" (C4), "GameFace" (C4), "Impractical Jokers UK" (BBC3)
Roisin Hogan Business Woman and Apprentice Finalist
Rosalind Lonsdale Actor
Rosemary Ashe Actor
Rosie Day Actor, "Misfits" (E4), "Homefront" (ITV)
Russell Howard Comedian, Writer "Russell Howard's Good News" (BBC3/2)'
Russell Tovey Actor - "Being Human" (BBC3), "Him & Her" (BBC3), "Looking" (Sky Atlantic)
Ruth Pickett Comedy Performer
Ryan Howes Artist, Part of 'Seldom Differ'
Sally Ann Rhodes Actor
Sandhil Ramamurthy Actor, "Heroes" (BBC)
Sarah Annis Actor, "Doctors" (BBC)
Sarah Parish Actor - "W1A" (BBC2), "Atlantis" (BBC1)
Scott Garnham Actor
Shane McDaid Actor/Writer
Shane O'Meara Actor, "Waterloo Road" (BBC1)
Sharon Horgan Multi-award winning Actor, Writer, Director, Producer - "Pulling" (BBC3), "Catastrophe" (C4)
Sharon Rooney Actor, "My Mad Fat Diary" (E4)
Shaun Dingwall Actor, "Breathless" (ITV)
Shelley King Actor, "Coronation Street" (ITV)
Simon Brodkin Comedian - "Lee Nelson's Well Good Show" (BBC3), "Lee Nelson's Well Funny People" (BBC3), "Live at the Apollo" (BBC1)
Simon Coleman Actor
Simon Nock Actor, "Black Mirror" (Ch4), "Fresh Meat" (Ch4)
Sophie Abelson Actor, "Doctors" (BBC)
Stefanie Martini Actor
Steph and Dom Parker TV Personalities - "Gogglebox" (C4)
Stephanie O'Keeffe Presenter/Comedy Actor (Sky 1)
Stephen Bellamy Actor
Stephen Lord Actor/ Writer/ Producer
Steve Bugeja Comedian, Writer
Steve Coogan Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer - "Alan Partridge", "The Trip", "A Cock and Bull Story", "Philomena"
Steve Hall Comedian, Writer
Steve Williams Comedian - "Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow" (BBC1), "Russell Howard's Good News" (BBC3)
Stuart Wilde Actor
Susan Mcardle Actor, "Coronation Street" (ITV), "Doctors" (BBC)
Susie Fugle Actor/Performance Coach
Suzann McLean Actor, "Little Miss Jocelyn" (BBC3)
Suzanne Procter Actor - "Cucumber" (E4), "Coronation Street"
Tania Rodrigues Actor - "Cuckoo" (BBC3), "Rev" (BBC3)
Tasha Ferguson Actor
Terri-Ann Brumby Actor/Writer
Tessie Orange-Turner Actor
The Rubberbandits Comedy hip-hop duo
Thomas Wright Actor/Writer
Tiff Stevenson Comedian, Actor - "People Just Do Nothing" (BBC3), "Mock the Week" (BBC2), "Drunk History" (Comedy Central)
Toby (comedy duo) Writers and Performers - "Live at the Electric" (BBC3)
Tom Craine Comedian, Writer and Presenter
Tom Davis Actor, "Murder in Successville" (BBC3), "Plebs" (ITV2)
Tom Parry Comedian, Writer and Actor
Tom Radford Actor
Tom Reed Actor, "Dracula" (Sky)
Tom Turner Actor and Comedian, "Man Down" (Ch4)
Tommy Rowson Comedian, Writer
Tony Millan Actor/Writer
Tracy Bargate Actor
Tristan Pate Actor
Tristram Wymark Actor, "Eastenders" (BBC1), "Call The Midwife" (BBC1)
Vanessa Russell Actor, "Lacey" (Feature)
Warren Brown Actor - "Luther" (BBC1), "Occupation" (BBC1)
Will Collier Musician - "The Horne Section"
Will Hartley Writer, Actor, Comedian and Performer - "Cardinal Burns" (C4)
Yve Blake Comedian and theatre-maker
Zoe Lister Actor/Writer, "Hollyoaks" (Ch4)
Zoe Rainey Actor, "Mr Holmes" (Feature)


Adrian Hodges Drama Writer, Executive Producer
Alan Bleasdale BAFTA-nominated Writer, "A Tale of Two Cities", "The Sinking of the Laconia"
Alastair Siddons Writer, Director, Producer - "Turn It Loose" (Documentary)
Allan Cubitt Writer, "The Fall" (BBC), "Murphy's Law" (BBC), "Anna Karenina" (C4), "Prime Suspect" (ITV)
Allan Shiach Writer, Producer
Amy Shindler Comedy Writer - "Pat and Cabbage" (ITV1), "Threesome" (Comedy Central)
Andrew Davies Writer, "Mr Selfridge" (ITV), "Little Dorrit" (BBC)
Barnaby Slater Writer and Producer
Bernadette Davis Writer - "Game On" (BBC), "Some Girls" (BBC3)
Beth Chalmers Comedy Writer - "Pat and Cabbage" (ITV1), "Threesome" (Comedy Central)
Bryony Kimmings Playwright, Actor, Director
Carmel Morgan Writer, "Royle Family", "Shameless"
D C Moore Playwright and Writer - "Not Safe For Work" (C4)
David Cummings Writer
Dennis Kelly Writer - 'Pulling' (BBC3), 'Utopia' (C4), 'Matilda: The Musical' (RSC)
Dominic Stone (or Clever Peter) Writer/ Script Editor
Greig Johnson Comedy Writer, Performer, Musician and Filmmaker - "Mr Bradley Mr Martin Hear Us Through the Hole in Thin Air" (short film)
Hanif Kureishi Writer, Author, Playwright and screenwriter, "Le Weekend" (Feature Film starring Jeff Goldblum and Jim Broadbent)
Hannah George Writer - CBBC, Radio 4
Hatty Ashdown Writer, Radio Presenter, Stand up Comedian and Actor - "Give Out Girls" (Comedy Central)
James Moran Writer
Jeremy Brock Screenwriter - "Casualty" (BBC1), "The Last King of Scotland" (Feature Film), "I am Slave" (C4)
Jimmy McGovern Writer, "Banished" (BBC2), "Common" (BBC1), "Moving On" (BBC1), "The Street" (BBC1 - Winner of Best Drama at International Emmy's, RTS Awards and BAFTA), "Hillsborough" (Winner of 6 awards including 3 BAFTAs
Joe Dives Creator, Writer, Producer and Performer - "Random Acts" (C4), "Rookies" (C4)
Jon Brown Writer - "Mongrels" (BBC3), "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" (BBC3), "Horne & Corden" (BBC3), "Fresh Meat" (C4), "Misfits" (E4)
Jon Harvey Writer - "Mongrels" (BBC3), "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" (BBC3), "Horne & Corden" (BBC3), "Fresh Meat" (C4), "Misfits" (E4)
Joshua St Johnston Writer - "The Enfield Haunting" (Sky Living), "The Other Woman" (Sky Arts)
Lilah Vandenburgh Writer - "Uncle" (BBC3)
Lucy Gannon MBE Multi-award winning writer of "Broadmoor", "Lewis" (ITV), "Eastenders", "Coronation Street", "The Children" (ITV)
Marcelo Dos Santos Writer - "New Labour" (theatre)
Mark Davies Playwright/ Scriptwriter/ Writing tutor
Melanie Spencer Playwright, Screenwriter and Theatre Director
Molly Davies Playwright and Writer - "God Bless the Writer" (Royal Court Theatre)
Oliver Refson Writer - "Uncle" (BBC3)
Paul Sassienie Writer
Paula Milne BAFTA, RTS, George Foster Peabody and Emmy award-winning film and television screenwriter - 'The Politician's Wife' (C4), 'The Virgin Queen' (BBC1) 'Endgame' (C4)
Paven Virk Writer - "Who Are You Calling a Superhero" (National Theatre, Connections)
Peter Berry Writer, "Prime Suspect" (ITV), "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" (BBC WW/HBO)
Rebecca Lenkiewicz Writer
Rob Fraser Writer
Roger Hadfield Writer - "Away" (feature film), "Tender" (Lifesize Pictures)
Rona Munro Screenwriter and playwright
Sarah Dollard Writer
Sebastian Backiewicz Writer
Simon Ashdown Writer, "Eastenders" (BBC1)
Stephen Morrison Writer, Actor, Author - "Man Down" (C4)
Tallulah Brown Writer - "There's a Monster in the Lake" (theatre)
Tina Walker Screenwriter - "Doctors" (BBC)
Toby Whithouse Writer and Executive Producer - "Being Human" (BBC3)
Tom Bidwell Writer - "My Mad Fat Diary" (C4), "Coming Up" (C4)
Tom MacRae Writer
Tony Grounds Writer, "Our Girl" (BBC), "When I'm Sixty-Four" (BBC), "Births, Marriages & Deaths" (BBC), "Our Boy" (BBC)
William Boyd Award-winning novelist and screenwriter, "Solo" (new James Bond novel)

Off Screen Talent / Production Companies

Adam Miller Director - "Mongrels" (BBC3), "Some Girls" (BBC3), "Boomers" (BBC1)
Alan Mercer Media Consultant/ex-employee of BBC
Alex Kalymnios Director - "Waterloo Road" (BBC1)
Andrea Pelaez Choreographer, Co-Artistic Director
Andy Dugdale Group Finance Director - Hat Trick Productions
Andy Harries Managing Director, Left Bank Pictures
Angela Sinden Producer, Hat Trick
Ashley McMorrow Hat Trick
Ben Anthony Director of BAFTA award winning Life And Death Row
Ben Hall MD - Chalkboard TV
Ben Taylor Director - "Cuckoo" (BBC3), "Catastrophe" (C4)
Ben Wheeler Director of Photography
Cahal Bannon Head of Production - Company Pictures
Caryl Benée Script Editor, Drama - Hat Trick Productions
Charlie Hanson Producer, Tantrum Films
Charlotte Lee PA - Hat Trick Productions
Chris Monk Senior Development Producer
Christine Gernon Director - BAFTA winning "Gavin & Stacey" (BBC3)
Christopher Monk Freelance Senior Development Producer - "Skin Deep: The Business of Beauty" (BBC3)
Claire Broughton Development Producer, Hat Trick Producers
Claire Collinson-Jones Executive Producer, Factual and Formats, Hat Trick Productions
Colin Barr Executive Producer - BAFTA winning "Life and Death Row" (BBC3), "Our World War" (BBC3)
Dan Patterson Managing Director, Angst Productions - "Mock the Week" (BBC2)
David Elstein Former CEO of Channel 5, Head of Programming at Sky, Director of Programming at Thames TV and Chairman of Open Democracy
David Granger Monkey Kingdom - Managing Director
David Mortimer Senior vice-president, factual and entertainment NBC Universal International Television Production, previously Creative head, factual entertainment, BBC
Denise O'Donoghue Ex-MD, ITV Studios
Denman Rooke Executive Chirman - October Films
Ed Bazalgette Director - "Hannibal - Rome's Worst Nightmare" (BBC)
Elliot Hegarty Director - "Bad Education" (BBC3) and "The Middle" (ABC)
Emma Louise-Burke In-House Production Coordinator and Assistant to Directors of Production
Gilliane Seaborne Executive Producer - Midnight Oil Productions
Guy Templeton Flame TV
Harry Wootliff Producer and Director - "Nits" (BAFTA nominated short film), "I Don't Care" (C4- Coming Up)
Helen Williams Producer, Hat Trick Productions
Henry Normal MD - Baby Cow Productions
Hettie MacDonald Director, Grand Prix award winner - won a Hugo for the "Doctor Who" (BBC1) episode "Blink" starring Carey Mulligan
James Mill Hat Trick Productions
Jane Berthoud BBC Comedy Producer/Manager
Jane Lush Ex BBC Entertainment Commissioner, Controller of Daytime
Jessica Sharkey Director of Production - Hat Trick Productions
Jim Allen Managing Director of RDF Television
Jim Poyser Producer/Writer
Jimmy Mulville MD - Hat Trick Productions
Jo Crawley Head of Production, Studio Lambert
Joanna Beresford Director of Production, ATV
Joe Wade Filmmaker, Writer, Producer and CEO & co-founder of Don't Panic
John Douglas Director of BAFTA winning Our War, and BAFTA winning Life And Death Row
Jon Richards BAFTA nominated Director - "Derren Brown", "Top Gear"
Karen Smith MD - Tuesday's Child Televison
Kate Rhodes James KRJ Casting
Kate Wilson Director of Operations, Hat Trick Productions
Kathy Hale Head of Production at Sky Vision Productions
Kenneth Collard Hourofthedog Films Ltd.
Kenton Allen CEO - Big Talk Productions
Laura Djanogly Director of Production - Hat Trick Productions
Louisa Fitzgerald Development Producer, Drama - Hat Trick Productions
Louise Golbey Hat Trick Productions
Mark Iddon Producer - "Russell Howard's Good News" (BBC3), "Live at the Electric" (BBC3), "Show & Tell" (E4)
Mark Redhead Head of Drama - Hat Trick Productions
Mark Talbot Producer - Hat Trick Productions - "The Revolution Will Be Televised" (BBC3)
Martin Dance Freelance Executive Producer
Michelle Welch Production Manager - Hat Trick Productions
Mollie Freedman Berthoud Producer - Hat Trick Productions
Nicolas Kent Creative Director, Oxford Film and Television
Paul Cohen Vice President of PACT & Commercial Director of Hat Trick Productions
Paul Schlesinger Producer, Hat Trick
Rebecca Singer Works for BBC Radio
Richard Grocock Producer
Richard Laxton Director, "Him & Her" (BBC3)
Richard Wilson Head of Comedy Entertainment - Hat Trick Productions
Sarah Cartwright Script Editor, Hat Trick Productions
Sarah Tong Director of Sales, Hat Trick International
Sasha Ransome Director - "Some Girls" (BBC3), "The Kumars" (SkyOne), "Emmerdale" (ITV)
Sile Parkinson Hat Trick Productions
Stefan Georgiou Director - "Dead Cat", "SexLife"
Steph Harris Tuesday's Child
Steve Madden Head of Facilities - Hat Trick Productions
Steve Roberts First Assistant Director - "Gavin & Stacey" (BBC3)
Stu Mather Executive Producer - Hat Trick Comedy Entertainment
Thom Hammond Hammon Cox Casting
Tim Dowd Director
Tom Jordan Development Producer, Hat Trick Productions
Tristram Shapeero Director, "Absolutely Fabulous" (BBC), "Brass Eye" (C4), "I'm Alan Partridge" (BBC), "Pulling" (BBC3), "Community" (NBC), "Parks and Recreation" (NBC) "New Girl" (FOX), "Veep" (HBO), "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" (Netflix)
Victoria Moss Head of Production - Plum Pictures
Will Macdonald Monkey Kingdom - Creative Director
Zoe Rocha Little Rock Pictures


Abby Singer Casarotte Ramsay & Associates Ltd.
Adrianna Tsigara Scott Marshall Partners Ltd., Agency
Ahsha Osborne-Sutton Media Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Aileen McEwan Hatton, McEwan, Penford
Alec Drysdale Agent, Independent Talent
Alex France Agent, Keddie Scott Associates Ltd.
Alex Irwin Markham Froggatt & Irwin
Alexander Cooke Hamilton Hodell, Talent Management
Alice Dunne Agent, United Agents
Alison Finch JFL Agency
Amanda Davis Agent, Curtis Brown
Amy O'Neill Jonathan Arun Ltd, talent agency
Angela Cummiskey Coulter Management
Anita Gilbert Philippa Howell Personal Management
Anna Dudley Markham, Froggatt and Irwin
Anna Fywell The Agency
Anna Hird Agent, United Agents
Anne Coulter Coulter Management
Annie Rose Lou Coulson Associates Ltd.
Becky Williams DAA Management
Ben Hanley Hatton, McEwan, Penford
Bethan Evans The Agency
Caitlin Birley Agent, Gordon and French
Camilla Young Curtis, Curtis Brown
Carly Peters United Agents
Caroline de Wolfe Talent Management
Carrie Matthews Independent Talent Group
Catherine Gagon Artist and Development Manager
Cathy King Independent Talent Group
Charlotte Knight Knight Hall Associates
Chloe Brayfield Agent, AHA Talent Ltd
Chloe Bruchez Agent, Gordon and French
Chris Davis Agent, Chris Davis Management
Christian Hoddell Hamilton Hodell, Talent Management
Christian Knowles MD - Christian Knowles Productions
Christina Cooke Gordon and French Ltd, Agency
Christine Glover Blake Friedmann Agency
Claire Moaroussas Independant Talent Group
Claire Nightingale PBJ Management
Clare Vidal-Hall MD - Clare Vidal-Hall Management
Dallas Smith Agent, United Agents
David Kayser Agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
David Marsden Senior Agent - Sainou Talent Agency and Council Co-Chair of the PMA
Debbie Jenkins Paling and Jenkins, Artist Management
Debi Allen DAA Management Ltd.
Deborah Willey Independent Talent Group
Delphine Manley Beyond Compere, Talent Management
Denee de Emmony Independent Talent Group
Diana Tyler Agent, MBA Literary and Script Agents
Dione Inman Pelham Associates
Donna French Gordon and French Ltd, Agency
Duncan Hayes United Agents
Duncan Heath Independent Talent, Agent
Dylan Hearn Agent - Troika
Edward Hughes Agent - Linda Seifert
Edward Rumfitt Sheridan Fitzgerald Management
Elaine Steel Agent, Elaine Steel
Elinor Burns Casarotto Ramsay & Associated Ltd.
Elizabeth Dench Dench Arnold Agency
Ellen Gallagher Blake Friedmann Literary Agency Ltd
Ellie Blackford Agent, VMTalent
Emma Bloomfield Bloomfields Welch Management
Emma Obank Agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
Fay Davies The Agency
Faye Timby Trainee Agent, Wintersons
Fiona Keddie-Ord Keddie Scott Associates
Fiona Williams Berlin Associates
Frances Arnold Agent, Rochelle Stevens & Co
Frances Stevenson Curtis Brown Group
Frances Zealander Francis Phillips Agency/Member of PMA and BAFTA
Gary Wild Agent, JFL Agency Ltd
Gemma Allsopp Agent - AHA Creatives
Gemma Hirst Agent, Gemma Hirst
Gemma McAvoy Agent, Emptage Hallett
Geoff Stanton Stanton Davidson Associates
Georgina Ruffhead Agent, David Higham Associates
Giles Smart United Agents
Grainne Montgomery Agent, Billy Marsh Associates
Grainne Perkins Director of Business Affairs, Avalon
Graziella Baccega Independent Talent Group
Hannah Boulton The Agency
Hannah Chambers Talent Manager/MD - Chambers Management
Hannah Clarke Assistant Agent, Curtis Brown
Hannah Linnen Agent, John Noel Management
Hannah O'Sullivan Hamilton Hodell, Talent Management
Harriet Long Olivia Bell Management
Harriet Pennington-Legh Agent, Troika
Hattie Grunewald Blake Friedmann Literary Agency Ltd
Hattie Windsor Lou Coulson Associates Ltd.
Helen Mumby Agent, Macnaughton Lord Representation
Helena Bumpas Assistant Agent, CKP
Hugo Young Independent Talent, Agent
Ian Devlin Finance Director, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates
Ikenna Obiekwe Independent Talent, Agent
Ikki El-Amriti Agent, Identity Agency Group
Imogen Sarre Assistant Agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
India Sinclair Hamilton Hodell, Talent Management
Isabella Riggs Markham, Froggatt and Irwin
Isobel Pietsch Assistant Agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
Jack Buckley Micheline Steinberg Associates
Jack Collins Burnett Crowther Ltd.
Jack Thomas Independent Talent, Agent
James Penford Hatton McEwan Penford
James Taylor Talent Agent/Director - Avalon
Jamie Sampson The Soundcheck Agency
Jane Epstein Independent Talent Group
Jane Lehrer Jane Lehrer Associates
Jane Shepperd Director of Shepperd-Fox Agency
Jane Villiers Sayle Screen Ltd., Literary Agency
Jasmine Daines Pilgrem Clare Vidal-Hall Management
Jeanette Hunter Shepherd Management
Jenne Casarotto Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
Jennie Miller Agent, Independent Talent
Jennifer Withers Stevenson Withers Associates Ltd.
Jess Molloy DAA Management
Jessica Carney Jessica Carney Associates
Jessica Jackson Curtis Brown Group
Jessica Sykes Independent Talent Group
Jill Foster Jill Foster Ltd.
Jill Lepper Agent / Talent Manager, Victoria Lepper Associates
Jo Winbourne The Agency
Jodie Hatley Assistant Agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd
Joe Phillips Curtis Brown Group
John Markham Talent Agent, The Markham Group
Jon Thoday Joint MD - Avalon
Jonathan Arun Director, Jonathan Arun Ltd, Talent Agency
Jonathan Kinnersley The Agency
Jonty Brook Markham Froggatt & Irwin
Judy Daish Judy Daish Associates Ltd.
Julia Tyrrell Agent, Julia Tyrell Management
Julia Wyatt Agent, Berlin Associates
Julie Hamilton Coulter Management
Juliet Kirby Hamilton Hodell, Talent Management
Juliet Pickering Blake Friedmann Agency
Kat Oliver Conway van Gelder Grant Ltd., Agency
Kate Brower Alan Brodie Representation
Kate Bryden Agent, Gordon and French
Kathryn Kirton Janice Tildsley Associates
Katie Churchill Asst Agent, CAA
Katie Haines The Agency
Katie Langridge Agent at Knight Hall Agency
Katie May Junior Agent, Sainou Talent Agency
Katie Threlfall MD - Katie Threlfall Associates
Kelly Knatchbull Sayle Screen Ltd., Literary Agency
Kevin Brady Agent - Amanda Howard Associates
Kim Donovan The Artists Partnership
Laura Hill Independent Talent
Laura Newman The Agency
Ligeia Marsh Agent, Writers' Company
Lindsay Kutner StevensonWithers Associates Ltd.
Lisa Stark Feast Management
Lisa Toogood Agent, United Agents
Lizanne Crowther Burnett Crowther Ltd. (Theatrical Agency)
Lorna Fallowfield United Agents
Lorraine Berchie Agent, David Higham Associates
Lucy Doyle Agent, CAM
Lucy Nooshin DAA Management
Lucy O'Meara Agent, DAA Management
Madeleine Dewhirst Agent, Hamilton Hodell
Malcolm Browning Milburn Browning
Mandy Ward Mandy Ward Artist Management
Marc Berlin Berlin Associates
Maria Girod-Roux Jonathan Arun Ltd, talent agency
Mark Casarotto Agent, Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd.
Mark Pollard MR Management
Marvin Godfrey Marvin Godfrey Associates
Matthew Bates Sayle Screen Ltd., Literary Agency
Matthew Dench The Dench Arnold Agency
Maureen Vincent Agent, United Agents
Max Latimer Jonathan Arun Ltd, talent agency
Meg Davis Ki Agency Ltd
Melanie Rockcliffe Partner/Agent - Troika
Mia Thomson Mia Thomson Associates
Michael Ford DAA Management
Michael Hallett Agent, Emptage Hallett
Michael McCoy Agent at Independent
Michel Duff Agent, Troika
Micheline Steinberg Director of Micheline Steinberg Agency
Michelle Barlow Curtis Brown Group
Michelle Braidman Michelle Braidman Assocates Ltd.
Mike Cater Junior Agent, Sainour Talent Agency
Miranda Heffernan Galloways
Monique Campbell The Agency
Natalicio Barretto The Agency
Natasha Stevenson StevensonWithers Associates Ltd.
Nicholas Gall Conway van Gelder Grant Ltd., Agency
Nicholas Young Essaney, Agency
Nick Barron Writers Company
Nick Canham Artist Manager, Richard Stone Partnership
Nicki va Gelder Conway van Gelder Grant Ltd., Agency
Nicola Bailey-James Milburn Browning Associates
Nish Panchal Agent, Curtis Brown
Oliver Slinger Independent Talent
Olivia Guest Jonathan Clowes, Literary Agency
Ollie Azis Independent Talent Group
Paul Martin Senior Agent - Sainou Talent Agency
Penny Wesson Agent, Penny Wesson Management
Perry Antoniou StevensonWithers Associates Ltd.
Peter Brooks Agent, CAM
Peter Cleall Agent, Pelham Associates
Peter Suddell Media Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Philip Bell Noel Gay
Philippa Howell Manager, Phillippa Howell Personal Management
Rachael Swanston Conway van Gelder Grant Ltd., Agency
Rachel Hopkin United Agents
Rachel Taylor Independent Talent Group
Rebecca Blond Rebecca Blond Associates
Rebecca Watson Agent, Valerie Hoskins Associates
Richard Allen-Turner Joint MD - Avalon
Richard Moore Media Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Rob Aslett Talent Manager/Director - Avalon
Rob Groves Rob Groves Personal Management
Rob Sandy Agent, Macfarlane Chard Associates
Roger Davidson Stanton Davidson Associates
Romany Hoyland Galloways Agency
Rose Cobbe United Agents
Roxana Adle Independent Talent Group
Rozzy Wyatt Literary Agent
Sally Hope Sally Hope Associates- Agency
Samantha Boyd Agent, CAM
Samira Higham Independent Talent Group
Sammy Kate Smith Shepherd Management
Sarah Barnfield Price Gardner Management
Sarah Camlett Independent Talent Group
Sarah McNair Alan Brodie Representation Ltd
Shepperd Fox Agency
Sian Smyth Agent, Hamilton Hodell
Simon Blakey The Agency
Sophie Chapman Agent, Troika
Sophie Holden Agent, Curtis Brown
Sophie Laurimore MD of Factual Management
Stephanie Moore Duncan Hayes' Office
Stephen Durbridge The Agency
Steve Nealon Steve Nealon Associates
Steven Paling Paling and Jenkins, Artist Management
Sue Greenleaves Independent Talent Group
Sue Latimer MD, ARG
Sue Rodgers Agent, Independent Talent Group
Tania Hurst-Brown Sayle Screen Ltd., Literary Agency
Tara Lynch Milburn Browning
Tom Christensen Office of Alex Irwin, Markham, Froggatt & Irwin
Tom Reed Lou Coulson Associates Ltd.
Tracey Elliston Judy Daish Associates
Tracey Gittins Head of BA, Markham, Froggatt & Irwin
Valerie Hoskins Agent, Valerie Hoskins Associates
Valli Dakshinmaurthi Judy Daish Associates Ltd.
Vic Murray VMTalent
Victoria Williams Alan Brodie Representation Ltd.
Wendy Scozzaro Felix de Wolfe Ltd.
Will Hollinshead Agent, Independent
Zoe Stoker Agent, The Artists Partnership


Avalon Production Company and Agency
BWA Agency via Bill Petrie
Byron's Management Agency
Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd. via Abby Singer
Hartswood Films via Beryl Vertue OBE + Debbie Vertue
Hat Trick Productions Production Company
Helen Mitchell A Blue Enigma Ltd
Jono Read #SaveBBC3 and campaigner
JPA Associates
Mrs Jordan Associates via Guy Kean
National Youth Theatre Paul Roseby (CEO and Artistic Director), Dawn Airey (Chair), and Council Members: Tania Black, Prasanna Puwanarajah (actor/director),Janet Ellis (presenter), Alizon Jones (coach/mentor)
PMA (Personal Managers' Association) The leading professional body for talent agencies in the UK comprising over 170 member agencies.
Rochelle Stevens Ltd via Rochelle Stevens
Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance Principal Professor Michael Early
The Actors Guild of Great Britain Organisation
The British Comedy Guide via Aaron Brown (Editor)
The Oxford School of Drama Drama School
United Agents via Kitty Laing
Writer's Guild of Great Britain Bernie Corbett (General Secretary)


Belinda Morgan
Ben Holmes
Carol Cleveland
Claire Rushbrook
Damian Bond
Deborah Horgan
Edward Oconnel
Ewan Thomson
Garth Tucker
Hannah Croft
Howard Ricklow Partner, Collyer Bristow LLP Solicitors
Ian Thornton
Jacquetta May
James Davies
James Dormer
James Lynch
Jamie Crichton
Jay Khan
Jennifer Corner
Kate Comaish Mother of Will Comaish, upcoming actor
Laetitia Butler
Laura Borderick
Leigh Campbell
Linda Mawcliffe
Lindy Heymann
Lyndsey Marshal
Martin Troakes
Mary Nelson
Matthew Johnson
Muke McQueen
Nicholas Greaves
Nicola Biltoo
Nicola Burley
Paul Byram
Paul Lloyd
Pauline Asper
Rob Phillips
Robert Ashby
Robyn Milne
Roger Woods
Sam Douglas
Samuel Dutton
Sara Dunlop
Sara Moore
Sarah Deery
Sebastian Barry
Shane Collins
Stewart Rohan Director, BlackRock Global Client Group
Vicki Bradford