There are a number of preferable options to closing the channel.

1. Don't Close The Channel

A billion pounds of public money has been invested in building up a publically owned brand. Closing it down represents very poor value for the people who fund the BBC.

2. Statutory Corporation Status With Ad-Funding

Channel 4 successfully operates on this model, there is no reason that BBC Three could not do the same.

3. 50/50 Joint Venture Like UKTV

Dave and other UKTV brands have very successfully operated on this basis.

4. Sell To The Highest Bidder

BBC Three is an asset with clearly huge value. Selling it to the highest bidder brings in revenues. Closing it down destroys the value it has established.

Avalon / Hat Trick Plan

• All true independents would be offered a share of the channel.

• Original production spending would be increased by £30 million per annum.

• The existing public service obligations of BBC Three would be continued.